Disciples of Jesus Growing Disciples of Jesus

Vision Statements
To carry out the word of God to the children of our congregation and community
in preparation for a lifetime of Christian living.
Evangelism and Mission
To renew and grow in our relationship with Christ and with others
Family Life and Social Concerns
To nurture and strengthen the spiritual life and social fellowship of our church by providing family, congregational and community events.  In sponsoring projects that educate and provide opportunity to help others, we pledge to create more unity between the active, inactive and the lost with respect and lave for all.  We will strive to go about following Jesus’ commission to make disciples–that is our vision.
To keep God’s building in good repair to help prepare God’s people.
To help God’s people grow in their relationship with Jesus through the use of the time,
talents, and finances God has entrusted to them.
To provide ongoing positive opportunities for area youth to learn, socialize, and grow in their Faith.
Worship and Music
To provide meaningful worship experiences for all ages by involving as many people as possible in song, praise, and prayer.  It is our intention to strengthen and enrich the faith of the members of New Life Lutheran Church, and all others who may join us in our worship settings.  We do this through:
  • Strong proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
  • Diligent use of God’s Holy Word and the Sacraments,
  • Variety in our worship services,
  • Our confessions and our words of shared forgiveness,
  • Effective use of banners and symbols, and especially
  • The power of the many varieties of music that may be shared.
It is always our goal to help our members to discern their own discipleship walk with Jesus, and to foster discipleship in all whom our congregation encounters